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About The Industry


Oil & Gas Industry

This course is designed for candidates who intend to enter or enhance their career prospects in the Oil or Natural Gas industries. This course explores the geology, exploration, drilling, production, reservoir engineering and management, distribution and transmission of oil and gas from practical and theoretical viewpoints.

Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a noninvasive method and the testing is carried out without impairing further usefulness of the material, component and structure. The component can be put into use after the Testing. The signals that are employed do not alter the properties of the material permanently. WQC Institute of NDT and Inspection Technology’s NDT Training and Testing Center have been providing student focused education that integrates the best of theory and practical application.

According to SNTC 1A (Society for Non Destructive Testing Committee First Amendment)

It is a document related to training certification and experiments required for the certification purpose of Level 1, 2 and 3.This documents provides guidelines for the establishment of a qualification and certification program. This guideline has been developed by American Society for Non Destructive Testing to aid employers in recognizing the essential factor to be considered in qualifying personal engaged in any NDT Method.

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control

Every primary, Secondary and tertiary process industries there will be a department to impart quality and it is called QA/QC Section. Quality means fitness of a product. To achieve quality step by step instructions given during the product development is termed as Quality assurance and applying the control limits to make the product as a fit one is termed as Quality Control. Every industry is should follow certain codes, Standards, Specifications to achieve quality.