API 653 (Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector)

This course helps the candidates to become an API 653 Authorized Inspector. This class will help you to prepare for the API 653 exam. In addition you will gain additional skills and knowledge that are important for your success on the job in Above Ground Storage. This is also an Preparatory Course for API – 653 exam appearing candidates.

Whom Should Attend the Course?

Personnel involved in Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections, interacting with Inspectors, Quality Managers, Plant Engineer, Supervisors and other interested persons. Individuals responsible for evaluating the mechanical integrity of in-service and the Managers responsible for implementing Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections maintenance program and desire an understanding of applicable evaluation procedures. This class is also designed for Engineers, supervisors, managers and personnel who are interested in API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Certification examination.

Course Overview

This course gives a broad knowledge to prepare for the API 653 exam. You will gain additional skills and knowledge that are important in

  • Using API 650 & API 653
  • Performing Tank Calculation
  • Reviewing WPS’ & WPQ’s per ASME Sect IX
  • Using other miscellaneous Tank Codes
  • Practice Exam similar to the API 653 Exam

Courses Objective

The course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to:

  • Successfully pass the API 653 storage tank inspector certification exam
  • Effectively use major codes, API 650 and ASME B&PV sections V & IX
  • Perform all tank calculations needed for the API exam
  • Use API’s requirements during inspection, repairs, and alterations of tanks
  • Review welding procedures (WPS/PQR) and welder performance qualifications (WPQ)